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Finding Me

Come Out to a fun filled with a night of Rediscovering yourself. The Goal is for  Survive to Connect and Empower support women reaching out in order to hear others in our perpetual healing. We will seek to inspire one another as we bravely journey forward. This will be a safe place to process pain, anger and grief as we respect the vulnerability required to be open about our lives. We will take turns hearing one another’s stories, maintain confidentiality and offer hope and strength. 


Please note we are not a licensed psychologist and therefore will not be issuing professional advice- we will be acting only as a facilitator of the conversation, making sure everyone gets an equal opportunity to speak and be heard- we are all in this together!  Hope to meet you soon! 

Women's Health Focus Groups 

As mothers, sisters, daughters , Grandmothers , Aunts , and Friends we often look over the things that may in the long run cause us to have health issue. The Health Groups is design to bring to table some of the health concerns and issues women have been facing today. This is not to demonize nor persuade anyone but to give real information to women about the products that we use and its effects to our overall health. 

Jaba and Java

If you love to sit down over Tea or Coffee, meet some new people, and chat about all sorts of things join us. 

Economic Empowerment

This is a group for anyone interested in starting up a business or networking with other business owners to expand their existing business. We will support each other and learn from each other's experiences. Our group consists of accountants, consultants, IT professionals, lawyers, bookkeepers, sales and marketing experts. Everything you need to be successful for the long run

Moms and Tots 



Becoming a member of Corridor Moms and Tots gives you full access to all our members profiles and calendar of events. Our events vary from playdates in the park; days out at the beach/splash parks; museum and library visits; pot luck and craft playdates; Book Club; moms and tots bowling and family bowling; themed parties and much more. Our meetup calendar will inform you of planned activities to assist you in "getting out" into the community and having fun!


Eat, Sip, and Paint 


Coming Soon 2017

 We-Centric 90 day Challenge

  Coming  Soon


Mom's Day Off


 Coming Soon I

Avon Walk
Coming Soon 
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