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Join We-Centric on a journey to our BEST SELF by joining the MOVEMENT for women by women, moving towards a new generation of Women who are EMPOWERED in every area of their lives. Women make SMART decisions and know their value and bring out the BEST in each other! We-Centric plan events that cater to EVERY aspect of your life.

We-Centric limits groups numbers and focus on growth from the INSIDE out. We want active, committed members who ADD to the warm loving supportive atmosphere that we create at our events. We will not settle for less than all of the best that life has to offer. If a group is closed, you can email us to be added to the waiting list. We hope to MEET you soon.

 Women workout together, travel together, save and invest together, pray together, solve problems together. We encourage and RESPECT our sisters at all times. This group will strengthen your finances, your relationships, your health and emotional well-being and your spirit. We-Centric don't plan events, we create experiences. Designed to help you grow, explore the unique and live OUTSIDE "the box". Women who want to be wiser, stronger, smarter...who are bold enough to SAY...I WANT MORE. More money, more respect, more love, more self-worth, more adventures, more of ME! When you bring your best self to every situation, you have the confidence to demand MORE. 

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